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heichou hi-chew!! (i bought the armin one it’s peach flavored and delicious)

heichou hi-chew!! (i bought the armin one it’s peach flavored and delicious)

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scarlett johansson + hair

this is like those do you love the color of the sky posts but better

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(i’m posting pictures from my trip on instagram for those of you who may wanna see heh i’m on there as godreaus too)

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morning y’all i’m writing this from my hotel room in salt lake city, utah! yesterday we flew from boston to l.a. (visited the pier and little osaka and i saw the house i lived in for my first two weeks of life, that was neat) and then to here, and after some nonsense with the rental car we made it here safe and relatively sound! and today we leave to drive to yellowstone park woooo

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special ‘lil’ shoutout


a list of amazing lovely people i have known for a good while and i’m glad to have met them!!

alliiiiiiiiiiiiie oh my gosh i love you you’re seriously the greatest :’)))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s been my absolute pleasure to be your friend and watch you grow (and freak out with you over whatever our current obsession is) all these years, and thank you for being my friend!

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What RPG class would you assign me?


Do this pls

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earlier this year 2 boys got expelled from my school for going on a teachers email and sending another teacher an email that says “you’re a disgusting little man” and i laugh about it all the time because imagine opening an email from your coworker and thinking it’s important and then it says that

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